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The mystery surrounding Vince Foster's death only confirms again our opinion of the Clintonistas: it isn't the corruption which troubles us--Hell, getting elected president requires committing impeachable offenses--no, it's the singular ineptness of these bumbling yahoos which grates. Clinton's presidency is a daily reminder of just how little regard our corporate masters have for the intellect of the average American, and the fact that so many in this administration are Rhodes Scholars only reinforces our suspicion that the British ruling class continues to play its Great Game, guiding the American electorate through an increasingly ludicrous dance which the media have the audacity to call democracy--but we digress. This document will undoubtedly inspire a legion of researchers, though their investigations may be delayed until the various archives of Clinton-era scandal material are opened to the public: Filegate in 2040, Travelgate in 2045, Monicagate in 2052 (or 10 years after the death of the participants, whichever is later), and others to follow.

We will avoid superfluous commentary except to note that readers who have followed the Foster case will find several interesting items hidden in these pages. For example, no mention of a "July 21, 1993 Task Force," was made during the congressional investigation into the Foster affair; in fact, the head of the Park Service stated under oath that there was no interagency Park Service investigation into the Foster case, a fact refuted by the Park Service letterhead. Curiously, the federal directory contains no listings for Park Service employees with the initials TAZ or TWJ, and the official Park Service organization chart [GAO document #PS-1042-00] makes no mention of 'Region I directors'. The absence of a date is also noteworthy, though not uncommon where documents meant to escape FOIA classification are concerned.

Perhaps most troubling is the redacting. According to our source the original document was itself edited, suggesting Foster's car contained items whose identification would pose a risk to national security. What sort of translation dictionary was Foster transporting, and why is this information classified? And what about the transcripts found in the wheel well, a favorite hiding place for spooks of all stripes.